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For some strange reasons some parts of the Vampire world hate other parts. This is sometimes seen in the way the Business side of the vampire world gets hit by people complaining it is not real ! Father Sabastiaan is well known in the USA for putting on Vampire Events along with making fangs and from what I have seen some very nice ones. OK so shock horror parts of the vampire world complain he is not a real vampire nor are is followers . Perhaps the clue is that he makes fangs for people wanting to be vampires. I expect he could make far more money by raising people form the dead after biting them but as far as I know he has no commercial competition from anyone offering that service .as YET

Types of Vampyre by the Huffingtone Post

The vampire Community by Amy Mah


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The Voice of the Vampire World. The place to hear the voices of the vampire community. The V V W is not about just bats and coffins but we help show some of the hidden side of the Vampire community giving links to Real Vampire Websites for Psi Psychic vampires and Sanguinarian Blood Drinking Vampires, along with an online Vampire Bookshop, Movies and vampire Discussion groups.savcc,voice,world,vampire,vampyre,anthony,hogg,amymah,fang,AMY,MAH,undead,VVC,Veritas,Agency,Underground,Vampirism,Vampyre,BITE,FANGS,RULE, merticus,merticus stevens,fosav,news,vcn,community,gods,books,real,blood,sanguinarian,psi,vamps,psychic,south african vampyre,SAPC,bats,octarine valur,community,news,SAVA,veritasvosliberabit,veritas vos liberabit