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Amy Mah Now part of the South African Vampire World

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Amy Mah To Succeed Octarine Valur

By Kay Valkir

Amy It was announced late yesterday by the Regent of the SAVA, Lady Octarine Valur, that she would be stepping down in favor of Lady Amelia Mah who would be assuming full control of the South African Vampyre Alliance as well as all its associated groups, sub-organizations and online resources.

As Regent, Lady Mah – who owns a large number of OVC Facebook groups – would also represent the interests of the SAVA in all international VC representative bodies currently attended by Lady Valur.

Lady Mah is believed to have quietly relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa during February this year to escape the heady life of a booming author and VC personality.

The reason for this sudden and unexpected move as given by the office of the former Regent is “a change of leadership was advisable in order to stay relevant on the current international Vampyre Community stage and to compensate for recent power shifts in the community.”

Asked about her choice of successor, Lady Valur said that she “rather likes” Amy Mah, and expressed her feeling that “anyone who could write about vampires and demons as well as she does, knows what she’s talking about and deserves to rule the vampire world – or at least, the South African part of it!”

Lady Valur meanwhile will retire from VC politics to quietly lurk in the shadows while concentrating on her novel writing and her rather impressive stamp collection.

Meanwhile, rumors that Lady Mah will appoint famed Vampirologist, Anthony Hogg, as her new Secretary for the Regency, are yet to be confirmed.

An article posted on SAVN on 1 April entitled “Amy Mah To Succeed Octarine Valur” by Kay Valkir was an April Fool’s Day prank.

We trust that the article in question will be seen as such. To clarify, Lady Octarine Valur has no intention at this time of stepping down as Regent of the SAVA… and neither does she have a stamp collection.

We trust that no panic was caused by the announcement and wish all our readers a very amusing April 1 !


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