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The vampire Community by Amy Mah

Grown Vampires Wet Themselves at my Name !

The Name is


And People try hard to get rid of my from Facebook

Reason? .I Write books on vampires .LOL

In day to day life I go by Amy or Amelia but as that is not on my birth certificate facebook tells me I have been reported for confusing people? Er?

(The World may know me as Amy Mah but after many years as Amy Mah I have now got to have a name no one knows or change it by getting married!)

I now have to fill in a form if I get married .............

FROM FACE BOOK If you need to change your name in the future (ex: you get married), Please fill out this form:

Yes of course we all know that face book needs names, email and cell phone numbers to sell to advertising companies.......

But the world knows me as Amy Mah

Take a look at the following taken from public postings on social groups talking about me !

Jason De Marco: So what does everyone think of amy mah? i personally think she should kicked out of the vampire community before she causes anymore damage

(Damage you mean when I talk about Vampires biting people in my books?)

Jason De Marco

shes likely to cause some psycho to buy into her bs and murder someone, Shes a Smug bitch who everyone hates or at least a lot of people hate anyway

What NEEDS to be done is she should be kicked off EVERY vampire group that she does not run

There are people who do not see the problem she is

(OK OK OK Perhaps you should see the books I write to understand how depraved I am)


(So this is the dangerous vampire book ?)

Michael Leve this mater to me i will take care of her

(a threat?)

Vanessa Go Michael ! Hope we can watch....

Michael Doint trip guys i report her as a hackd fb page she will be dealt with soon

(So as I said a public group conversation that anyone can see including the people that run the site and you have someone broadcasting that he will make up stuff to report me to facebook)

(This is what is so dangerous to the vampire World !)

Aris my take on Amy Mah well i guess i can start with we discussed that in pm yesterday Jason shes going to cause a very major issue within the community do to her writing we will have another Rod Ferrell and be slandered again even though the person doing the act will be some mental person taking her writing as fact instead of the satire it is because she finds it perfectly ok to write things to look like facts under the term of metafiction which is nowhere in the book it is suppose to be assumed she seems to be a danger to herself and others through her writing and views

Jason I agree Aris

Michael I argge with her as We'll

Aris i am a he by the way

Michael Oh my bad

Now at this Point I must point out guilty as charged I do write metafiction why I know is that I was told by the book reviewers and heck who am I to complain?

Back to the plot

Jason The main problem as Aris pointed out her writing could cause trouble all is is going to take is one mentally unsound person to believe it then we have another Rod Ferrell or Columbine high school shooting

Michael That is true but some thing must be done br for this prolbeam get out of hand some thing we caint have

Aris and when you question her she says its metafiction metafiction= satire satire= fiction writen to look real to goad the populus

(Yes that is true I do say I write in that style at times)

metafiction noun fiction in which the author self-consciously alludes to the artificiality or literariness of a work by parodying or departing from novelistic conventions and traditional narrative techniques.

Aris she knows what she is doing and is hiding behind literary terms

Jason Yes i have READ some the shit look at her otherkin post

Michael Why I'm not suprise the whrites all was hid

Jason shes claiming shes hundreds of years old immortal with sharp teeth and can drain a human dry

(My main book character happens to be about 16 and as for me in some of my books I place myself in the book writing the book previous book well I think it is cleaver but as to being 100s of years old no that would make me trapped at 16 in at least 2 books.... and I have never said I was personally 100 or still 16)

Mina I think she is a danger to the Newly Awakened within the VC, I am constantly "Un-brainwashing", and redirecting people to safer links, and safer people/groups (Vamp and Non Vamp) with better knowledge.

Jason Agreed

Michael I'm Glad i removed her form my list Plus i report her as a hacker

(New Vampires I am a danger to newly created or awaken vampires? Perhaps I have now stepped into a Twilight Zone, I am sure if I had met any newly created undead or awaken vampires I may have notice but heck I am no expert)


(Then I get this Above, as to why I am being counted .well perhaps because I asked why he created a group where only girls could be a member (apart for him) and where he offered to personally teach them magic at his lair . Yes now that is a new name for it

Why am I telling you all this well A few days ago a number of my Face Book groups were put in limbo and I had my account temp removed by FB ..........

The problem is I was reported by a number of people .... We can only guess who and wonder if they real fangs or buy them in toy shops

Vampires that say they are real vampires and attack authors of Vampire Novels as they give the wrong idea about Vampires !

(My major crime is saying Vampires Bite ! )


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