Facebook Vampire Attacks Between vampyre Groups

I find it odd that people create a group on face book then and then warn the members not to visit other groups ... In Donna Fernstrom's group she posts this in the group description... NOTICE: The following Facebook pages and groups are not part of nor are affiliated with the real vampire community.

They are considered hostile to the VC by some, and are not reliable groups to gain information about psychic or sanguinarian vampirism. Several attempt to mimic the names of well-known vampire community resources, such as Voices of the Vampire Community, and Vampire Community News.

Pages: vampirefans

Groups: vampirefandom vampirecommunityskeptics thevampirologist FangsRuleVwV AmyMah VoicesVampireCommunity FangsBite vampirelair askavampirologist vampireevents vampiremusic aplaceamongtheundead vampirenews vampiredining vampireshopping VampireMoviesVC vampiresanddeath NightBites vampire.culture.group VampirecommunityVC VoiceVampireWorld VampireGods AnthonyHogg

VoicesVampireCommunity is a group now called VAMPIRE COMMUNITY DISCUSSIONS VCD and run by V V C and V C N well know names MERTICUS and Octarine Valur

And in yet another part of the facebook vampire world another person is posting what groups not to visit

Personally I would visit these groups just to find out what all the fuss is about


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